""Dan is clear and focused with the ability to facilitate results. I am impressed by his insight and professionalism. Any person or organization desiring positive change would benefit by working with Dan.""


Rebecca Minser, M.D.

Performance Improvement Consulting

Closing of workplace "performance gaps" with a focus on organizational systems and processes, incentives, cognitive support, tools, environment, skills/knowledge, and the inherent ability of employees.


All coaching services include assessment, coaching, fieldwork, feedback, accountability, and evaluation.


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  • Developing and aligning training initiatives with measurable outcomes aligned with corporate strategy
  • Instructional design, facilitation, and evaluation
  • Customized training to meet the desired performance changes of clients. 


Change Management

  • Leading sustainable change with a focus on the tactical as well as people's responses to change

Career Development/Outplacement Services

  • Assessment
  • Job search strategies
  • Review, assessment, and feedback on job search presence, both online (such as LinkedIn) and traditional (résumé)
  • Comprehensive Now What? (TM) program for career changers

Talent Management

  • Performance Management Systems and Training
  • Interviewing, Hiring, and Onboarding
  • Competency Development
  • Feedback Systems
  • Job Rotation
  • Mentoring
  • Coaching Skills for Managers and Leaders