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""Thank you for everything Dan. You made an incredible difference in my life and I will never forget you or what you taught me.""


Director, Healthcare Services

  • Neuroscience, Intuition, & Energy (LIVE radio broadcast)

    Date: July 10, 2018

    Learn how the latest research in neuroscience illustrates how our brain impacts our energy level and our ability to "trust our gut" (intuition)...

  • Coaching Skills for Leadership Success

    Date: July 25, 2018

    The most critical success factor for leaders today is their relationship with others. This hands-on webinar will separate...

  • The Neuroscience of Effective Leadership

    Date: August 16, 2018

    What do the latest findings in neuroscience have to do with effective leadership? How can leaders use proven principles of neuroscience to get their brain working FOR them, rather than AGAINST them? And how might leaders help their own...

  • Strategic Intuition for Business Decision-Making

    Date: August 30, 2018

    “Have the courage to trust your heart and your intuition.” -- Steve Jobs Are you interested in connecting with...

  • Leading Change

    Date: September 27, 2018

    Learn tips for leading change successfully...

  • Coaching: Team Conflict

    Date: October 30, 2018

    Looking for an effective way to create, sustain, or enhance workplace relationships and create high functioning teams? Coaching teams requires a different skillset than teambuilding . . ....